Last Update : 04 Jul 2022


  • Students are not allowed to use the mobiles inside the campus. Students can keep their mobiles with them only on silent mode strictly.
  • College management can rusticate /suspend any of the student found doing indiscipline or dis-respect to any staff or management.
  • Internal Assessment marks (0-75% as per PDUSU Rules) will be awarded to the students on their performance of candidate through out the year :-
  • (a) marks in house tests
  • (b) performance in teaching practice.
  • (c) discipline, manner , etiquette, politeness , soft spoken nature of the student
  • (d) participation & performance in college functions, EDUFEST, sports meet etc.
  • (e) punctuality, wearing proper dress.
  • Only 5% students can get more than 75% marks in the internal assessment on the basis of their extra ordinary performance to be decided by a special committee for this purpose as per PDUSU Rules.